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I absolutely love Gackt~ Not only is he such an inspiration, but he is the reason why I am the way I am well the good parts anyways.... I am not a particularly good person, but I try my best to be normal!

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Precious Friends (Blog Magazine Issue 66 Excerpt)



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When I prayed at the grave of a friend from a long time ago
I heard a voice saying, “Forgive me…”

Life is…


Summer is here! See you soon!

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Haruka ★ Makoto ★ Nagisa ★ Rei
Gou ★ Rin ★ Ai
photos by Kat

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Mapurrr’s (almost) 10k Follower Giveaway! :D

It’s been about a year since my first giveaway, and since I’m just about to 10k followers, I thought I would do another one.

Rules and Additional Information:

- MUST be following me (Mapurrr). I will be checking!

- Follow thedragonbornlives and you can pick two-three prizes, depending on what you want. Following her also doubles your chances of winning the MacBook!

- Likes and Reblogs both count!

- I will ship worldwide!

- The headsets and the Keyboards are lightly used, and I will wash them before sending them to the winners. All three headsets have mics and work with both Mac OSX and Windows/PC computers.

- The Wacom tablet is left over from my last giveaway.

- The Macbook is a late-2011 model, and is currently running Mountain Lion AND Windows 7 on separate partitions. If the winner wants, I can restore it for you, or leave it.

- I will pick one winner for each item using a random number generator. The order I pick names is the order the prizes are picked.

- I might be adding to this giveaway gradually over time, but all reblogs will count for all potential prizes.

ADDED: Lots of manga!





so you guys should definitely watch patrick stewart and ian mckellen play the newlywed game and take it very, very seriously and do very, very badly

They tried, though! And honestly, who could hold anything against these men?