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“Obviously I’ll never be in anything with the commercial success that Harry Potter has but then again neither will anyone else.”

Blog Magazine Issue 69 Preview


GACKT’s Fucking Stupid Stories No.21




No, sorry, I’m just really tired.

I’ve been rehearsing for the play
every day from early morning to late at night…

My body is creaky and hurts.

Can you heal me?


Huh? Now?

I had a change of heart and drove to the rehearsal venue myself.

When I drive myself,
I can’t do anything else,
but I can talk to myself loudly, right?

It’s incredibly relaxing.
Though it’s not a big thing.

When you use your voice loudly,
it reduces your stress

That’s why concerts are important.

At concerts,
even if they’re usually a quiet person
is sure to yell, right?

They yell loudly
and get excited and fired up,
but at my shows they cry, right?

This is like a reset for your heart.
So, at my concerts,
if you participate, rather than just watch,
when it’s over you’ll feel like you can try harder.

You want to see a concert?

I’m preparing one now.
Don’t talk about it like it’s a simple thing.
It’s a big deal.

I’m just reaching the end stage of preparing for the play.
I met Wakamoto-san for the first time in ages yesterday.
For voice recording.

"Who?" you ask…?

Listen, you, if I say Wakamoto-san,
there’s only ONE person it could possibly be!

The Wakamoto-san who does Nobunaga’s voice in Sengoku Basara
and Cell in Dragonball,
THAT Wakamoto-san! [Note: Norio Wakamoto http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norio_Wakamoto ]

"I don’t know him"… you say?

I’m not going to speak to you any more…

Precious Memories (Blog Magazine Issue 69 Excerpt)



My most recent words
are posted on the GACKT Blog Magazine
so check it out if you want to read it all
(Updates 3x a month)

The days that were spent, and the precious memories.

A month has passed in the blink of an eye
since I celebrated my birthday.

It seems like only yesterday.

But this is how time passes.

Even meetings and farewells with dear ones pass like this.

There are times when, before I know it,
the wonderful smile that was next to me
is lost because of my own weakness.

There are moments when I really hate myself for being such a child.

If I had more tolerance…
If I had more space in my heart…
If I’d given it more of my time…

If I think about it, there are no end to these thoughts.

In the end, it’s my own lack of strength.

I’m still a brat,
and I always wonder if I have what it takes to like people.

It’s a sorry story.

I’ll try harder.
So I can have you smile even a little.

But I want you to understand at least this much.

I’m really grateful.
That you followed me this far.

I can’t say thank you enough.

Truly, thank you.
I hope this feeling gets through…
I hope it reaches…

Today I was in the hospital from the morning.
There are absolutely no people in the hospital on Sunday.

Now I’m getting a drip to force my fever down.

This morning during rehersal, my temperature went up three degrees higher than normal
and I passed out.

I guess my fatigue has accumulated.

My body is so weak.

My heart and my body
are both still brats
and I begin to think
that nothing about me has matured at all.

But, this is my body.
Even if I complain about it, I have no choice but to get along with it.

I don’t have time to complain.

I have to complete the work that is in front of me now.
Even if I have to overdo it.

That’s what I should do now.
To deliver a moving work
is my job as GACKT.

If I give up, it’s over.
So I won’t give up.

I can still do it.
I can keep going.

My name is GACKT
My motto is “Mr.WOUNDS”

I might be a brat,
but I’ll show you that I can keep going.

But just let me say one last thing.

Thanks for everything up until now.

Well then, I guess I’ll take a nap…


Game Center! (Blog Magazine Issue 68 Excerpt)



My most recent words
are posted on the GACKT Blog Magazine
so check it out if you want to read it all
(Updates 3x a month)

We’re more than halfway through July.
The week after my birthday passed in the blink of an eye.

My friends and colleagues
celebrated my birthday with me for two weeks,
but since I was getting up every morning at 6am after less than 2 hours sleep,
it was a somewhat tough two weeks for me.

Now I’m doing filming for the new YouTube series
"Game Center",

but because I’m doing it in the breaks from training for the play
every time I move my body I can hear creaking noises.

In the background you can see my beloved car,
the Lamborghini Aventador 50th…
but I have no time to drive it.

Maybe I’ll take it for a spin tonight.

Who would have thought I’d ever spend this much time on video games…

Game Center is a new YouTube series
where I play various video games,
and for some reason it seems that trivial things like this
are pretty popular
and are sending whirlwinds through various industries.

Times really have changed.
You can make a show out of just playing video games.
And, unbelievably, out of ME playing video games…

I’ve never been into video games,
so it’s a strange twist of fate…
or that’s what I think when I’m playing them.

For me, games aren’t something you play,
they’ve always been something to make or create.


Now I’m playing games like a kid.

You never know what will happen in life.

"Life is a game"

I’ve often thought that since a long time ago.

"Life is a gamble"

I sometimes hear this,
but I don’t think so.

In order to beat a game,
you need intelligence and hard work,
and you have to spend time on that,
while gambling largely operates on luck.

If it’s a contest of luck,
I won’t win.

I have bad luck.
To be honest, my luck is bad and my bad luck is ridiculously strong.

I guess there are a lot of people who don’t understand the difference.
People with good luck are blessed to be lucky.
The probability of lucky things happening around them is high.
People with bad luck
have a good chance of being able to dodge unlucky things when they happen.

I am incredibly thankful that my bad luck is strong.

Because I’m still alive.
I’ve had a lot of near death experiences,
but I’m still alive.
I survived.

I think that many military generals
might have also sought the strength to cut through bad luck
more tham luck itself.

Because even if nothing lucky happens,
you can carve your own path.

Because a life where lucky things happen won’t come to you
shut away in your house.
if you take action, then you’ll definitely become embroiled
in troubles, be they many or few.

At those times,
it’s not just about your ability to avoid it anytime,
those who have a lot of bad luck
are able to see the light
when it feels like you’re on the edge of failure.

And because of that, they’ll be able to escape by the skin of their teeth.

There are probably a lot of people in the world who think their luck is bad.
Don’t worry about that.

What’s important is that you open your own road up without leaving it to luck.

So then, it’s not too late to start now.
Don’t shut yourself away, and take a step outside.
Go out now, meet lots of people,
and become motivated to grow.

My name is GACKT.

My motto is “Mr. UNBREAKER”

You can do it, can’t you?
You can’t?

Then I’ll go first and show you.

That you can do anything.


Birthday (Blog Magazine Issue 67 Excerpt)



My most recent words
are posted on the GACKT Blog Magazine
so check it out if you want to read it all
(Updates 3x a month)

I had my 41st birthday…
Before I knew it, I’d turned 41.
I’m surprised.

Since passing my birthday on July 4th,
I thought I’d feel a lot of things,
but I’ve been so busy every day I could die
and haven’t had any time at all to think about those sorts of things.

Again tonight I feel as if
I could fall asleep at any moment if I closed my eyes
my body is that tired,
but it’s not an unpleasant tiredness.

Now that we’ve started rehersals for the play,
I do training in the morning,
and then go straight to rehersals
and continue until late at night.

The young folk are all desperately working at
the hard training that they’re not used to,
but they’re all doing well,
and I can honestly say they’re
with me until the end.

I can’t express in words how proud I am and how beautiful the sight is
of everyone doing their best to follow me even while struggling.

It makes me happier than anything
that I can deliver this play to everyone starting from next month,
and I’m also happy to be creating this work with these comrades of mine.

There was a fanclub event the other day.

Apparently it was the ultra high class hotel The Westin Tokyo’s
first ever fanclub event,
and they were pretty excited
that I’d be keeping to the dress code
and celebrating with the fanclub in such style.

Of course,
it was my first time having a birthday event at a hotel too,
so it was a magnificent thing to have to celebrate my 15th anniversary too.

At this event,
we also used the place with the biggest club,
but there weren’t enough seats at all,
and there were many LOVERS who couldn’t get a ticket.
I’m very sorry.

For all the people who supported me like this,
For all the people who followed and believed in me for all this time
No matter how many words of gratitude I say,
I can never express my thanks.

Even in the future there will probably be random bashing from tabloids
that will cause me stress.

But even so,
to join a large faction
and live being protected by them
is not my style.

I’m going to keep living in my own way.
In order to move you all more than you’ve ever been moved.

Let me say one last thing.

Thanks everyone.
I love you all.

My name is GACKT
My motto is “Mr. HAPPIEST”