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2 exams over the next 3 days let’s do this

But just think… on the last day…



Akumu-chan (Blog Magazine Issue 57 Excerpt)


[The majority of this post is identical to the blog magazine post here.]

The movie “Akumu-chan” is finally finished.

This time, Shiki Takashi is a little kinder,
and Dream Prince is hilariously weak.
It’s quite comical,
but in the end it’s a good movie that will make you cry.

It opens in May so go and see it in theaters.

The world of film and TV,
particularly movies,
has far more staff than the world of music.

At the end of a Hollywood movie,
the staff names in the credits roll for 10 minutes.

For a music CD,
it’s usually just one page of the booklet.

I’m not saying one is better than the other,
but in film, the workload is more finely divided.

In music, the work isn’t divided up so much,
and particularly in my case
I have a habit of doing a lot of the work on my own.

It’s like being an actor
and doing everything
including the concept, script, direction and performance.

Is Secret of Yoshitsune like that…?

When you put it like that…
Well, I guess so.


Oh yeah,
here’s an image from Secret of Yoshitsune

Cool, huh?

Look forward to it.
It’s going to be pretty awesome again.

I get all tingly just imagining it.

I wonder if I did a movie,
would I do the same thing and do several jobs myself…

It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

because I’m so fussy over details
it’s faster to do it myself.
I guess I can’t find anyone who impresses me…

If a partner like that appeared,
I’d happily try new challenges.

It’s time now.

See you.


Blog Magazine Issue 57


GACKT’s Fucking Stupid Stories No. 9

What’s that?
It’s loud in here?

It can’t be helped.
My car wants to roar and it can’t help itself.


Ah, it just got here.
I’m test driving it.


Yeah, it’s my new car.
The one I ordered two and a half years ago finally came.
I was waiting for it.

It took a long time.
It seems like it was difficult
because it has a lot of optional extras on it.

Because it’s AWESOME.
I’ve wanted this car for ages.
Obviously I bought it.

It’s a car that suits how I am now.
It’s a good color.

Because there are only 4 in Japan, including this one,
and only 100 in the entire world,
it was difficult to get one.

It’s the 50th Anniversario.
It’s a Lamborghini.

The price?
Of this?

Don’t ask such tacky questions.

[I really don’t understand what he’s saying here. Literally, something like: “I thought it would be held with one hand. But they somehow held it with two hands for me”]
I was really surprised.

it’s a little reward for myself,
since I’ve worked hard on so many things.

Because I really ran this far.
I have to reward myself once in a while.

My spirit can’t recover.
I don’t have free time,
so at least let me take a drive in a good car once in a while.

I finally finished filming the movie too.

Yeah, yeah.
The preview screeing was the other day.
I was busy all day with photos and interviews…

No, it’s okay.
As soon as I saw this car, my tiredness evaporated.

That was really a busy day…

When I heard in the morning how many magazines
I was interviewing with that day,
I felt dizzy.

Well, Keiko-chan and the others are working hard too,
so I can’t complain, can I?

I did them properly.

They did the photoshoots at the same time,
so my eyes were going funny,
but it seems like we didn’t finish them all today.

It seems like there’s more next week so I’ll work hard.

The subject of the interviews?
That’s right…
Well, I get asked the same things every time…
but that can’t be helped.

I change my way of speaking and answering,
and make a fun atmosphere for interviews.

this is something I decided a long time ago.
Even if the question is the same,
I’ll change my way of answering and enjoy the time.

If I answered the same thing every time,
it wouldn’t be interesting, would it?

I definitely make the conversation fun.
My face is scary?

I was born like that.

I’m not actually angry!!!

Even so, everyone ends up laughing on location.

Hey look here!
I AM smiling, see?

So that way I can do it in a good atmosphere.


Well, originally I couldn’t smile.
It hasn’t even been 10 years since
I became able to make a smiley face.
That might be why my smile isn’t so good.

I’ll work on it so that in 10 years
I’ll have perfected making a wonderful smile.


[For once, the NIcoNico blog preview was actually longer than the gackt.com post. Here is a bit more of G’s wine talk from the NicoNico preview]

Romanée-Conti is the highest peak in Burgundy.

There are two main types of wine.

Burgundy and Bordeaux.
This is fundamental.
Remember it.

You’ll know as soon as you see the bottle.

Know what?
From the shape, you can instantly tell if it’s Burgundy or Bordeaux.

Bottles of Burgundy wine have no shoulders.

Bottles of Bordeaux have shoulders,
and the sides are straight down after that.

Do you understand this?
Well, you can tell just by looking
so even an idiot would understand.

No, no,
I’m not calling you an idiot.

I’m just saying its so simple
anyone could tell.

what’s the difference between Bordeaux and Burgundy?

[Here are some pics of wine bottles if you’re having trouble visualizing the difference. Bordeaux. Burgundy.]